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Paer around 1810
Paer around 1810

Rent the full score and the orchestral material

Rent Agnese’s orchestral score and orchestral material. The edition, in two volumes (Atto Primo and Atto Secondo), contains the original version of the opera performed in Parma in 1809. In the appendix, you will also find the new arias and duets that Paer integrated into the score for the performances at the Théâtre Italien in Paris in 1819 and in 1824 with Joséphine Mainvelle Fodor, Felice Pellegrini and Giuditta Pasta.

The full score has been elaborated with the music notation software Sibelius and has a clear and readable layout designed to facilitate the reading and the work of the conductors.

The instrumental parts, extracted from the score with the same software, are distinguished by the choice of a font and a size clearly legible, by the care in positioning the "voltapagina" (turning page signs) and by the scrupulous indication of the guides that help the musicians to enter correctly in the performance.

Ferdinando Paer: Agnese

Dramma semiserio per musica in two acts, critical edition by Giuliano Castellani, Fribourg copyright © 2007.

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Orchestral score sample

Aria Pasquale Prima della scena d'Uberto Aria Vespina Aria Ernesto (1819)

Orchestral material sample

Aria Ernesto Clarinetto1 Aria Uberto Violoncelli Duetto Corno 1 Introduzione Violini I

Ferdinando Paer
Parma, 1 July 1771 Paris, 3 May 1839
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